Hosting an Au Pair—

Au Pair World – It is difficult for many parents to balance life, family, and work. Because many working families have more than one child they need extra help to give their children the care and attention they need. Finding the right childcare solution is a tough decision for parents because most want a caregiver that is trustworthy, affordable, and can offer the flexibility a busy family requires.

One option available to busy parents that offers a safe, affordable, trustworthy, and flexible solution to their child car needs is hosting a live-in au pair. Au pairs travel from abroad to the U.S. for one year to experience American culture and care for the children of their host family. Au pairs are young people who are enthusiastic about learning new cultures and have a passion for caring for children. By volunteering, living in our communities, and taking classes at local colleges they can learn about America and experience our culture first hand.

For families who love to learn about other cultures and travel, an au pair is the perfect childcare solution. If you want to educate your children from an early age about the world beyond your community, hosting an au pair is the perfect way. Your au pair will introduce your children to a new language, stories, and culture. Au Pair World

You can be assured that you will get a trustworthy and qualified caregiver when you host an au pair because the U.S. Department of State regulates au pair programs in the U.S. Au pairs are able to live and study in the U.S. for one year on a J-1 cultural exchange visa. They must provide 45 hours of childcare per week to their host family and meet strict requirements. A au pair has to be between the ages of 18 and 26, they must speak proficient English, and also complete a comprehensive application that includes personal references, childcare references, a background and criminal check, and a medical examination.

Hosting an au pair is as affordable or less expensive than other childcare options and will allow your family to experience other cultures as well as gives you the opportunity to help a young person from abroad.

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Au Pair Host Responsibilities and Requirements—

Au Pair World – Hosting an Au Pair in your home is much cheaper then putting your children in daycares or hiring a nanny. However, if you want to become a host to an Au Pair, there are some requirements.

Number one is that both parents have to be a United States citizen. You have to be open to other cultures. You have to need 45 hours a week of childcare. Also you have to be able to provide the Au Pair with their own bedroom. You also must be able to attend family conferences and orientation meetings.

When you invite an Au Pair into your home then you are making that person a part of your family. This means treating them like a member of the family. This means including them in family meals and on family outings.

Their responsibilities will be to watch the children for 45 hours a week. The duties can be dispensed anyway that you want them to be; as long as they do not exceed 10 hours a day. They will do light housework like dishes, laundry and making beds. Au Pair World

You will need to make sure that your new family member has at least one full day and one half day off a week. You are also required to give them a full weekend off every month. You will also give them two weeks paid vacation in a year.

An Au Pair is required to take educational classes. You will be required to pay for these and also make sure that they have transportation to the classes.

You will pay them around $320 a week no matter how many children you have.

If you want someone to take care of your children that is part of the family then hosting an Au Pair is the way to go.

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Why You Should Use Au Pair Services–

Au Pair World – There are a few very good reasons to choose good au pair services to help you with your children. For one thing having au pair services will allow you to go about your daily life with a little less guilt as far as your kids are concerned. Many parents, despise having to put their kids in day care each and every day of the month and for good reason. Daycare is often impersonal and not the best environment for a child to be in. They are busy places where some children do not get as much attention as they need because there are so many other kids about. But when you have hired au pair services you will be able to rest easy knowing that your children are getting the one on one care that they need and deserve. And that they are getting it from only the best that anyone can provide.

Au pair services are where responsible parents go to look for help with their kids. Most parents have to work, it is not a choice or an option it is a necessity and they can do that without ever worrying about it or feeling bad when they have hired au pair services. These services offer parents a wonderful option to day care and for a very affordable price. Au Pair World

Some of the women that au pair services have on staff will come and live with you and your family, offering your kids a stability that they would not get otherwise. Only au pair services offer them a friend that they will have with them all of the time, one who can give them the attention that they need so desperately as they are growing from children to adults.

Most of the women who work for au pair services are from other countries and have come here to start a better life. The au pair services check everyone out extensively for experience and they do background checks as well. So you will never have to worry about your children being in danger at any time. Of course, don’t take my word for it, do some of your own research and see just how each of the au pair services check out the women who work for them.

Talk to the au pair services that you are considering working with to find out more about their practices. Only choose the au pair service that feels good and the one that sounds like it has the most safety measures in place.

Au Pairs and Nannies [] Looking after the welfare of your child.

Why Be An Au Pair?—

Au Pair World – An Au pair has sole charge of the children, so ideally should be a skilled childcare practitioner. A qualified Au pair will have gained a recognized childcare qualification relating to children from birth to eight years, including the study of:
* physical care and development
* nutrition
* health and safety
* learning through play
* children’s language, intellectual. emotional and social development

However, not all candidates are trained and, at the moment, there are no legal requirements for a person applying to work to have any qualifications. So some girls may have no formal qualifications in childcare, but may have a little or a lot of experience of working with young children. Au Pair World

A qualified and,/or experienced candidate can:
* look after children of any age
* provide high quality, convenient childcare in the family home
* provide plenty of fun and learning opportunities within a safe environment
* work flexible hours to suit the family’s requirements
* ensure the children are safe, well cared for and happy
* provide continuity of care and less disruption to children’s home routine
* provide individual attention
* provide support to the whole family
* work full-time or part-time
* live in or live out
* meet each child’s physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs
* have special childcare skills, with a clear understanding of children.

Why Be An Au pair?

Working in this field can be very enjoyable because children can be so delightful, funny and creative. Great personal and professional satisfaction can be gained from helping children to develop their individual potential. However, working as an Au pair can also be frustrating, extremely demanding and even exhausting. As all children are different, there will always be plenty of variety in your work. You will not earn huge sums of money working in this field, but in the right job, with a considerate employer, you will certainly never be bored!
Ten possible reasons for wanting to be an Au pair:

1 You have a genuine love of children.
2 You enjoy children’s company,
3 You enjoy working with children.
4 You enjoy assisting with children’s development.
5 You prefer a one-to-one relationship with a child rather than working with a group of children in a nursery or school.
6 You want a rewarding and fulfilling career working with children and their families.
7 You want to gain valuable experience for when you bring up your own children.
8 You would like an easier transition into the world of work.
9 You want to escape from difficult or boring home circumstances.

10 You want a higher standard of living than you would usually have (e.g. as a live-in nanny you may have use of a car and/or accompany the family on holidays abroad; also you have no travelling expenses to work and no rent
or mortgage to pay).

Miryam Aubert, director of Aussie Au pair, has been placing au pairs for more than 5 years and understands the challenge of finding the right candidate for our families. She gladly shares tips and advice on how to become an au pair and choose the right candidate, to know more about why is it a better option to have an Au pair? You can visit Au pair Australia

Choosing an Au Pair – Some Tips —

Au Pair World – Choosing an au pair to look after your children is fraught with difficulty and you’re sure to worry not only about whom to choose but how to choose.

Before you set about choosing an au pair, there are some things to be taken into account.

1. Bear in mind that he or she will need to live in your home with you and that bed and board will be part of the deal. As well as feeding and accommodating an extra person, you will be expected to pay a weekly amount which could be termed pocket money. Can you afford it and do you really want to share your house with a stranger for a long period of time.

2. People looking for live-in positions such as this are usually young and quite probably have had no previous formal child care experience. It is therefore wise not to leave them in sole charge of your child and not to leave them in charge of children under three years old. Someone who has had to help look after younger siblings at home may be a good choice. Au Pair World

3. Au pairs usually come from another country to the UK or America because they want to improve their English. Do make sure that they speak enough English already to make themselves understood particularly to your children. It may be helpful if you already speak their language. You should also check what visa requirements your country of residence has with regard to someone who will be working. Is there a time limit?

4. Having come to terms with the possible pitfalls, you need to decide what light household duties you want them to carry out. These could include getting your children ready for school and giving them their breakfast, collecting them from school or taking them to after school activities, evening babysitting if you want to go out and some housework. An au pair will only expect to work 25 to 30 hours a week as they may well have a language course to attend. Make sure you know what hours they will be available.

5. Register with a reputable agency who will match the needs of the au pair with those of your family. They will also let you know what is expected of you as the host family and what you can expect from an au pair. They will be able to arrange an interview over the telephone when you can discuss pay and conditions and whether the candidate has the correct entry paperwork and work permits for your country. You will need to follow up with a written invitation.

Choosing an au pair needn’t be difficult but you should be aware of potential problems. With the help of a competent agency, you’ll soon be welcoming your new member of the family.

Ella McGinley is a mother herself and knows how hard it is to leave a child in the care of someone else. For more information on choosing an au pair or a nanny for your children, please click here.

Finding a Good Online Au Pair Agency

Au Pair World – Online au pair agencies are typically perform as membership websites for both au pairs and host families. A family searching for an au pair will need to register to be able to publicize the au pair position he or she is offering. In the same way, an au pair who is searching for a host family will do the the same way, so they have access to read, learn and investigate the others information and details. To get direct contact or connection with any member on that particular online au pair agency, all the member have to pay a certain amount of membership fee (usually is a small fee, compared to the benefit that is provided by the agency).


A good web-based au pair agency doesn’t simply have web-pages of applicant advertisements but also have to provide well-written, good and valuable content or information. Try to check out an au pair agency that provides instructions, guidance, informative Faq pages, details on au pair jobs in general, news and articles, suggestions and recommendations, etc. An agency that meets those criteria is usually a good online au pair agency that is genuinely making an attempt to give the membership with an appropriate program service rather than just work as a online store in au pair field.

Au Pair World

Au Pair documents in America

Au Pair World – Au pair documents that are required in America

All application documents needed for applying to become an au pair in America can be obtain at any au pair agency, together with contract, medical certificate forms for your own doctor and also the forms for a person that give you a reference to be an au pair in America. To your future host family you need to send a letter, photos or a video if necessary that will explain about yourself, your personality, your own goal on becoming an au pair plus your experience in taking care of children. On top of that, a certificate of good conduct is required. Almost all organizations will require you to provide your own passport’s copy and driving licence’s copy. Once you find a type host family, that enables you to begin the au pair work, the agency that you choose will give you an application form for the DS-2019 that is required to apply to get J-1 visa. After that, you need to make contact with American consulate in your country.

How long it will take to get the result of the J1 visa? In other words, when at the latest time I should contact the agency?

Once the DS-2019 form is received by you, an interview at the American embassy or consulate must be prepared as soon as possible. During summer season, you might need to wait a few weeks till you were called for the interview. The waiting time that you wil have might be depending on your own country condition and also the season. Usually, you will get the visa in about 5 days. You need to send the application to the agency around half a year before you expect to begin your job as au pair in America. It gives you much time for you to have your own application process & your personal document files are not out of date.

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Become an Au Pair in Dubai

Au Pair World – Becoming an au pair is a great way to travel to another country, a country that of course that you are interested in. Nowadays more and more au pairs working in Dubai coming from overseas. Chances for au pairing in Dubai, usually come from expatriate European families. Being an au pair in Dubai and get an excellent opportunity to feel the atmosphere of most modern city in the Middle East is very exiting. Plus besides monthly salary and pocket money, you also will free room and board, medical insurance and home security which provided by the host family of yours that will consider you as part of the family.


Like in all European countries or America, being an au pair in Dubai is nothing different. They get accommodation and food provided by the host family at no cost, plus a small wage (pocket money). Also the host families have to give time off to the au pairs. During that time off, the au pairs are free to do what the like such as visiting travel destination in the city of Dubai. Professional childcare qualifications are not needed to become au pairs. Therefore, they shouldn’t be responsible taking care of children under two years old. There is no set condition for the country of origins to become an au pair in Dubai, but the candidate mostly European female between 18 – 27 years old.

Au Pair Agencies: Screening and Fluffy Personality Tests

Au Pair World – The most significant function of an au pair agency is to make sure that all the au pairs provided are ideal for the work and trustworthy for sure. This can only be done by screening them through background screening, personality tests, reference checks, and of course interviews.


In the United States all au pair agencies are necessary by federal government regulations to apply personality tests included in the process of the au pair screening. Personality tests for sure are very crucial since not any single screening program is 100 percent correct and that is why combining various tools or process is the best way to maximize the accuracy and reliability of the au pair pre-recruitment screening.

5 Benefits of Hiring an Au Pair

Au Pair World – Are you a working mother and thinking of having an au pair to help taking care of children while you are very busy at work? Whatever the reason for you to consider hiring an au pair, here some advantages you need to know to host an au pair from another country at your own home?

1. Reasonable costs
The cost for hiring an au pair is quite affordable for many busy working parents (compared to a local nanny). The actual expense of employing them could be put into 2 parts:

  • Pocket money and
  • Food plus accommodation costs.

2. Experience with new different languages and cultures
Probably the most benefit you can get by getting an Au Pair at home is that the children of yours can have everyday experience of another culture. They can bring pretty much new things to your own family atmosphere with native language, traditions, cuisine, customs and also their talents or skills! If you want your au pair using their language with your kids, it will give positive impact to your child to be able learning a second language.


3. Flexibility on making schedule plans
Even though there is normally a set limit for an au pair to work (number of days & hours per week), she or he will be available as you need. You may split the amount of time in ways that works well with you both. For example, if you are having school-age kids, the au pair could be asked to have your kids ready every morning then bring them to the school and watch them at night.

4. In house care
By having an Au Pair at home, you could feel secure knowing your kids are staying and taken cared by a person you trust in your family environment – your own home. He or she is just like a member of your family that would handle house rules as well as personal child-care preferences. So having someone like an au pair staying with your family is good since you understand you’ll get protection for your own children by a person who understands the children, knows your house and surroundings house plus your family lifestyle.. You will feel a good feeling of protection there.

5. Young, active and energetic
The range of au pair age is usually between 18 – less than 30 and therefore, they are energetic. This particular reason (age) will suit the requirements of most families that have young kids, whom old nannies, babysitters or grandparents will find it is not easy to keep track of. Because the majority of the au pairs are young, therefore it’s much easier to instruct them to complete things your own way, compared to having an old “Mrs Doughtfire” domination!